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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does enrolling in your school satisfy Florida's compulsory attendance requirement?

      Yes. Enrollment at Aspiring Heights Academy legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. Aspiring Heights Academy is a home-based, non-public school that has been registered with the Florida Department of Education since 2010. We provide an "umbrella" option to help parents educate their children at home.

    • Does it matter what state we live in to enroll in your school?

      Yes. Our school only serves Florida families. Students must be legal residents in the state of Florida. Military families living outside the state of Florida may enroll their children, but they must maintain their Florida residency.

    • Does it matter what county we live in to enroll in your school?

      No. Our school serves students statewide.

    • Is your school accredited?

      No. There is no state law requiring private schools to be accredited.

    • When can I enroll my children in your school?

      Enrollment is open year-round.

    • How much does it cost?

      For students in grades K–8, our enrollment fee is $45 for new students and $35 for returning students. For students in grades 9–12, our enrollment fee is determined by grade level and program type and ranges between $45 and $345 for new students and between $35 and $335 for returning students. More information is found on our New Students and Current and Returning Students pages.

    • How long does the enrollment process take?

      Enrollments are processed Monday through Friday within three business days of receipt of the required documentation and payment. We offer expedited services (same day and Saturday enrollments) for an additional fee.

    • Is my child's enrollment information sent to our school district or to the state?

      We will notify your child's previous school of his or her enrollment at AHA only if you include a notification form with your enrollment documents. You are responsible for formally withdrawing your child from his or her previous school or terminating your home education program. See our FAQs about notifying school officials for more information.

      Florida law requires private schools to keep a register of enrollment and attendance open for inspection by the district school superintendent of the district in which the school is located. Statistical data, such as how many students are in each grade level, is provided to the Florida Department of Education. You can view Private School Annual Reports at
    • May I register for the upcoming school year early?

      Yes. If you would like to start your school year on a specific date, just include your preferred start date on your enrollment form. This must be a future date. We cannot backdate enrollments.

    • When will my child's school term begin?

      Your child's term begins on the day your child is enrolled unless a future start date is requested on your enrollment form.

    • Can we change our school term?

      As long as your child has maintained regular attendance during his or her current school term, you are welcome to re-enroll your child to establish a new school term. Just send us your attendance record and a Returning Student Enrollment Form specifying the future date you would like to begin the new school term.

    • What do I need to do when my child is ready to change grade levels?

      When your child is ready to change grade levels, just send us your attendance record and re-enroll. Students must be re-enrolled with each grade change. To be eligible for re-enrollment, your child must have maintained regular attendance during his or her current term.

    • Do I have to maintain a school portfolio?

      No. Parents are not required to keep a portfolio. We do recommend you keep a portfolio, though. Note that Florida public schools require that students successfully complete Kindergarten before entering first grade, and some colleges and universities require applicants who complete a home school program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios to be considered for admission.

    • How is my child evaluated?

      We do not provide evaluations or require that parents have their children evaluated. Some parents want to have their children evaluated, though, so we've compiled a list of assessment resources here as a starting point. You'll may also find our directory of Florida evaluators at helpful.

    • What kinds of records do I have to keep?

      The only record keeping we require is attendance. You must keep records that document your child's absence or attendance for each school day and show regular school attendance of at least 180 days for each school year. See our FAQs about attendance requirements for more information.

    • How do we document our children's grades?

      If your children are taking courses through FLVS, their grades will be documented on FLVS transcripts. If you are using your own curriculum, you may document their grades on Grade Reports. (Students enrolled in our Diploma Program must document core coursework and extracurricular activities more thoroughly.)

    • Will my child have to participate in standardized testing?

      No. Students are not required to take Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) Assessments or Florida Standard Assessments (FSA), including End-of-Course (EOC) assessments. Students may participate in EOC assessments, if desired, and there are certain circumstances in which students should participate. Learn More

    • Do you provide curriculum?

      We provide online curriculum to our students through an agreement with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). However, enrolling in FLVS courses is optional. We encourage you to use what works best for your child.

    • Will my child be able to participate in public school sports?

      No. Students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are not eligible to participate in interscholastic activities.

    • What information do you need for enrollment at your school?

      We need the following:

      • A photocopy of your child's birth certificate;
      • A school-entry health exam dated within one year of your child's enrollment date;
      • A Florida immunization certificate;
      • Proof of residency if your child will be enrolling in courses at FLVS; and
      • An enrollment form.

      Please read through these FAQs and our New Student Enrollment page for more information.

    • I do not have a copy of my child's birth certificate. Will you accept something else?

      If you do not have your child's birth certificate, we will accept one of the following:

      • A duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism showing the date of birth and place of baptism of your child, accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you;
      • An insurance policy on your child’s life that has been in force for at least 2 years;
      • A bona fide contemporary religious record of your child’s birth accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you; or
      • A passport or certificate of arrival in the United States showing the age of your child.

      If you do not have any of the above, and your child was born in Florida, you can request your child's birth record from the Florida Department of Health. If your child was born in a different state, you can find out where to write for vital records at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      If your child's birth certificate was provided to his or her previous school, we can request it from the school with your signed authorization. You must provide your child's birth certificate for Kindergarten entrance.

    • Our children recently had physicals, but we do not have signed school entry health exams. Do they have to be re-examined?

      Certification of a school entry health examination does not have to be documented on DH Form 3040, but the examination must have been performed within one year of their enrollment date. We can accept a signed statement by an authorized professional that indicates the results of the components included in the health examination.

      If your child's health exam was provided to his or her previous school, we can request it from the school with your signed authorization.

    • My child's immunizations were administered in another state. Can I send what I have?

      If you recently moved to Florida from another state, you must have your child's vaccination history transferred to Florida's Form DH 680, Certification of Immunization. This form is completed by Florida county health departments and private healthcare providers. Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information about Florida's immunization requirements.

    • We don't have the required health records. Can we just state that we do not want our children to be examined or immunized?

      Florida law only allows a parent to object to health examinations and immunizations on religious grounds. We have sample religious exemption letters here.

    • If we're educating our children at home, why do you need health records?

      All private schools are required to have this information pursuant to Florida Statute 1003.22.

    • What documents do you accept for proof of residency?

      Acceptable Documentation

      We accept copies of the following documents for proof of residency. We will need one document from Group A and one document from Group B. Your documents must be current, dated, and the name and the address on both of your documents must match. You are welcome to block out sensitive information such as your account balance, but your documents must show the date, at least one of the names provided on your enrollment form, and your residential address. To protect your identity, we recommend that you mail your documents. You will need to provide one of the documents below to FLVS as well.

      Group A

      • Utility bill (gas, water, sewage, electric, telephone, or cable)
      • Property tax statement
      • Mortgage statement or mortgage commitment
      • Home purchase contract, including the closing date, with a copy of the deed provided within 60 days of the closing date
      • Lease/rental agreement or rent receipt with name of lessee and contact information

      Group B

      • Florida driver license
      • Florida state issued ID card
      • Automobile insurance statement
      • Bank account statement

      Families Living with Other Families

      If your family resides with another person or family, we will need the following:

      • A signed Residency Affidavit and
      • One document from Group A from the homeowner or lessor and
      • One document from Group B from the parent or guardian.

      Military Families

      If your family is living outside of Florida due to military service, we will need military orders and one of the following:

      • DD Form 2058
      • State of Legal Residency Certificate
      • Leave and Earning Statement (LES)
      • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Form 702
    • Do you need my child's previous school's records?

      Not necessarily. We will need proof of Kindergarten completion if your child will be taking courses at FLVS and is entering first grade. We will need high school transcripts if your child is enrolling into our diploma program. If you would like us to request your child's records from his or her previous school, please include an Enrollment Notification and Records Request form with your enrollment documents.

    • How secure are my children's school records and personal information?

      We take the security of your and your children's personal information seriously. Our students' permanent school records are archived in locked, fire-proof file cabinets, and documents containing obsolete personal information are shredded and destroyed. Digital records are kept offline on password protected drives. We do not use outside sources or third party services (e.g.; Google's services or cloud storage) to store personal information, and we do not share our students' records unless required by law without explicit parental/guardian or student consent.

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    • Do I have to notify anyone that I am enrolling my child in your school?

      If your child is not enrolled in any Florida home education program, public school, or private school, then you do not need to notify anyone of your educational choice to enroll your child in our school.

      Students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are private school students–not homeschool students as defined in s. 1002.41. You do not send a notice of intent to establish a home education program to your district school superintendent if you enroll your child in our school.

    • Who do I notify if my children are enrolled in a public school?

      If your children are currently enrolled in a public school, then you will need to withdraw them. Your district school will ask where your children are going so that they can assign the appropriate withdrawal code. Specify that your children are (or will be) enrolled in a private school, not a home education program. If you would like us to notify your children's previous school of their enrollment at AHA, include a notification form with your enrollment documents.

      Some schools prefer that parents withdraw their children before enrolling them into another school, some schools prefer that parents withdraw their children after enrolling them into another school, and some schools don't have a preference. In any case, be sure to formally withdraw your child in a timely manner to avoid any potential truancy issues. (See Florida Statute 1003.26)

    • Who do I notify if my child is enrolled in a private school?

      If your child is currently enrolled in another private school, you will need to withdraw your child from the other school. Your school may have a particular policy regarding this, but you should only need to provide them with something in writing stating that you are withdrawing your child. If you would like us to notify your child's previous school of his or her enrollment at AHA, include a notification form with your enrollment documents.

    • Who do I notify if my child is registered as a homeschooler with our district school?

      If you are homeschooling in Florida, that is you sent your district school superintendent a notice of intent to establish a home education program, then you must send them a termination notice, along with your child's annual evaluation, within 30 days of your child's enrollment at Aspiring Heights Academy. Your district school may have a form you can download, or you can download a termination notice here. (The requirement to include your child's annual evaluation with your termination notice was added to s. 1002.41(1)(c) in 2018.)

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    • What is FLVS?

      FLVS-Affiliation Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a state-funded, online K–12 public school that is free to all Florida students through age 19. There are two different Florida Virtual School programs offered to Florida students: FLVS Flex (formerly known as FLVS Part Time) and FLVS Full Time.

      1 FLVS Flex provides free online courses to students in Elementary school, middle school, and high school. Student may take as few as one course and as many as six. Statewide assessments are not required. Enrollment is open year-round.

      2  FLVS Full Time is online public school. Students enrolled in the FLVS Full Time program follow a traditional 180-day academic calendar, take a standard public school course load, participate in the Florida Statewide Assessment Program, and are eligible for public high school diplomas. There are specific enrollment periods. FLVS is the school of record, so students would not also be enrolled in an umbrella school or in a home education program.

    • Are there any specific eligibility requirements?

      Yes. Students must be legal Florida residents. There are also specific age requirements and limitations. Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten courses, and students must be 6 years old on or before September 1 to enroll in first grade courses. First grade students must also have successfully completed Kindergarten. Students can only enroll in courses through age 19, and all coursework must be completed prior to turning 21.

    • How do we sign up?

      You will sign up at Please see their step-by-step guide for registration instructions. For the school type, you will choose private school. For the county, you will choose Sarasota (since that is where our school is located). For the school, you will choose Aspiring Heights Academy.

      Students with existing FLVS accounts will only need to change their physical school to Aspiring Heights Academy under their Academic Profile.

      Screenshot of Physical School section of Academic Profile

      Please see our FLVS page for more information.

    • Do we have to provide proof of residency to FLVS since we are providing it to you?

      Yes. In addition to providing proof of residency to us, you must also provide proof of residency to FLVS. Please see our FLVS and FLVS Proof of Residency articles for more information.

    • What if my child is taking FLVS courses through another school or homeschool?

      Most courses in progress will continue as usual. If your child is taking a course though a district franchise, your child will be able to continue the course if it is also offered at FLVS Flex.

      When changing your child's school of record (see How do we sign up? above), you may receive an email from FLVS stating that you need to review your current enrollments with the new Physical School Guidance counselor. We will contact you if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

    • How many courses may my child take?

      Based on FLVS course registration guidelines for private school students, FLVS Flex students may to take up to six (6) courses at one time. Selecting both segments in a two segment course counts as one course. Students may request an additional course when at least 50% of an active course has been completed.

    • When will my children be able to start their courses?

      Classrooms are usually assigned within 48 hours of the courses being approved, but it can sometimes take longer if seats are not available. Once classrooms are assigned, students can begin their courses. You will want to check daily for classroom assignment. If you notice an extended delay, please let us know and we will see if we can expedite placement.

      Students may request a future start date, but note that the FLVS "preferred start date" option is not what it suggests. According to FLVS, the "placement process will begin on the preferred start date you selected during registration." This means that if you would like your child to start a course on a specific date, you should select a "preferred start date" a few days before the date you actually want to start. If by chance your child is immediately place in the course, you can ask the teacher to wait until the date you actually wanted to start to activate your child in the course.

    • What are the courses like?

      FLVS Flex Elementary and middle school students work with their teachers and with the guidance of their parents. Parents are expected to help their students navigate through the course, monitor their students' progress, and ensure their students master course content. FLVS Flex high school students work independently. Sometimes students are required to download (free) software and/or visit external websites to complete assignments. Middle and high school courses include live lessons and classmate collaboration assignments. Assignments are submitted online, including assessments, so students are on the computer a lot. Periodically, students connect with their teachers on the phone for discussion-based assessments. FLVS offers sample high school level lessons and course videos and Elementary level sample lessons and printable worksheets.

    • Does FLVS provide school supplies?

      No. You need to ensure your child has a computer, an Internet connection, and any supplies needed for the course your child is taking (pencils, notebooks, rulers, software (free), library books, etc.). See the materials list provided with each course and FLVS System Requirements for more information. Your child will also need email access and access to a telephone to be able to communicate with teachers.

    • When are teachers available?

      Teachers are (ideally) available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM, but sometimes they can be hard to reach. Messages are generally returned within 24 hours. Substitute teachers are assigned periodically.

    • Are students expected to sign into class everyday?

      No. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and on days and at times that work for them, but they are expected to submit work regularly (usually 3-5 assignments a week). Additionally, parents are required to connect with their children's teachers (via phone or email) at least once per month.

    • How long do courses take to complete?

      Depending on the course, courses can take between 16 and 36 weeks to complete. Courses are divided into segments (semesters), and each segment takes between 16-18 weeks to complete. Some middle school and high school level courses have two segments; some have only one. Students are not required to take both segments of a two segment course. Each high school segment is worth 1/2 credit.

      Students may work ahead of pace and finish the course in less time. Also, students may work at a slower pace and finish the course in more time. In either case, it's important that students submit work regularly. We encourage parents and students to reach out to their assigned teachers if they are struggling with the material or the pace.

    • What if my child doesn't like a course?

      FLVS gives students a 14 day grace period to try out a course. If a course is too easy, too difficult, or doesn't meet a student's expectations, a student may drop the course without penalty during the first 14 days of being activated in the course. Note that a student may also be withdrawn from a course if the student fails to meet the initial submission requirements during the 14 day grace period.

    • Can my child retake a course?

      Students can retake a course that has not been passed with a grade "C" or better. Elementary students cannot retake courses once they have been promoted to the next grade level.

    • How does my child withdraw from a course?

      If a classroom has not been assigned yet, the course can be dropped from your child's dashboard. Once a classroom is assigned, you will need to call or email the assigned teacher to request withdrawal.

    • Does my child have to take the End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments?

      No. Our students are not required to take EOC assessments. Students may take these tests, if desired. There are also certain circumstances in which students should take these tests. Learn More

    • My child's grade level was changed by FLVS. How to I correct this?

      This can happen when FLVS starts their new school year. You only need to go into your child's Student Profile and select the correct grade level. Note that FLVS automatically calculates a student's projected graduation date based on his or her grade level.

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    • Do high school students have to be enrolled in your diploma program?

      No. Our High School Diploma Program is optional.

    • Can my child be enrolled in the diploma program at any time?

      Yes. If you're unsure of your child's high school plans, you're welcome to wait. We recommend you follow our graduation requirements in the meantime. Student must meet our Diploma Program Eligibility requirements to be accepted into the program.

    • Do high school students have to take statewide assessments?

      No. Private and home educated students are not required to take Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) or Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) assessments, including End-of-Course (EOC) assessments. Students may want to take EOC assessments if they may enter or return to public school. Learn More

    • Will you need my child's high school transcripts?

      We will only transcripts if your child is enrolling into our High School Diploma Program. Students enrolled under our Standard Program do not need to submit transcripts. Learn More

    • Will my child receive a diploma?

      Students enrolled in our diploma program who meet our graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma. Students who are unable to document their core high school coursework on official transcripts may be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion. Learn More

    • Will my child be able to participate in a dual enrollment program?

      Maybe. Public colleges and universities are only required to enter into articulation agreements with private schools in their geographic area. However, if your local college will make an exception, and your child is enrolled in our High School Diploma Program, then he or she may be able to participate in a dual enrollment program. Learn More

    • Do you provide transcripts?

      We maintain and provide transcripts for students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program. Students taking courses at FLVS are able to access their transcripts directly from FLVS. Learn More

    • Can we use our own curriculum?

      We do not require the use of any specific curriculum. However, if your high school student is enrolled in our diploma program, all core courses, credits and grades documented must be documented on official school transcripts. Learn More

    • Will my child be accepted into college?

      We cannot guarantee college acceptance. Many colleges and universities require applicants who complete a home education program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and/or transcripts from their originating sources to be considered for admission. Additionally, the acceptance of diplomas and transcripts from private schools (whether accredited or not) is subject to the requirements of the receiving institution. If you will be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, we encourage you to reach out to potential colleges to ensure they will accept your child for admission. See our Diploma Program Eligibility page for more information.

      If you will not be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, keep in mind that students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are private school students, not home educated students as defined in s. 1002.41. Some colleges require students applying as home educated students to provide district verification that they completed a home education program. Some colleges accept students homeschooling under an umbrella school as home educated students, but some do not. Your child may need to earn a GED. We encourage you to reach out to potential colleges to find out what their admission requirements are.

    • Will my child be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship?

      Provided specific scholarship eligibility requirements are met, students graduating with an Aspiring Heights Academy diploma are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships. Learn More

      To be eligible for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, students must earn a Florida high school diploma, be registered with the district as a home educated student for the current and prior academic year (typically grades 11 and 12), earn a GED, or earn a diploma from a non-Florida school while living with a parent or guardian who is a Florida resident but on military or public service assignment away from Florida. Please visit for more information.

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