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What We Do

We offer a low-cost private school umbrella option to help parents and guardians comply with Florida's school attendance laws and teach their children at home. We provide guidance, correspond with former schools, and permanently maintain academic records. We offer FLVS Flex course options, dual enrollment opportunities, high school diplomas, official transcripts, certificates of completion, educator and student identification cards, school email accounts, Office 365 Education, and more.

Who We Serve

We serve families residing in the state of Florida and military families who are permanent Florida residents residing outside the state of Florida. We serve students in grades K–12 from ages 5 through 19.

Our History

Our school was established in 2010 under the name of in conformity with our informational website. As our school rapidly grew, we realized that it should have its own name, so in 2012 our school was renamed Aspiring Heights Academy. The name Aspiring Heights Academy was chosen because "aspire" means to seek to attain something high or great, which is something we all want for our children.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a covering to Florida families so that parents and guardians may educate their children concordant with their lifestyles and beliefs.

Our Vision

We envision a safe, stimulating, and comforting educational environment that inspires children to develop their full potential based on their individual abilities and learning styles. Graduates of Aspiring Heights Academy will have the knowledge and skills they need for a variety of post-graduation options.

Our School

Aspiring Heights Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education and completes the private school annual survey as required in Florida Statute 1002.42(2)(b). Our school is listed in the FLDOE Directory of Private Schools in the Sarasota County District. Aspiring Heights Academy meets all the legal definitions and reporting requirements specified in Section 1002.42, F.S. and is a place of full-time enrollment and regular attendance of Florida resident compulsory-attendance-aged students.

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