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Required Documentation FAQs

  • What information do you need for enrollment at your school?

    We need the following:

    • A photocopy of your child's birth certificate;
    • A school-entry health exam dated within one year of your child's enrollment date;
    • A Florida immunization certificate;
    • Proof of residency if your child will be enrolling in courses at FLVS; and
    • An enrollment form.

    Please read through these FAQs and our New Student Enrollment page for more information.

  • I do not have a copy of my child's birth certificate. Will you accept something else?

    If you do not have your child's birth certificate, we will accept one of the following:

    • A duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism showing the date of birth and place of baptism of your child, accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you;
    • An insurance policy on your child’s life that has been in force for at least 2 years;
    • A bona fide contemporary religious record of your child’s birth accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you; or
    • A passport or certificate of arrival in the United States showing the age of your child.

    If you do not have any of the above, and your child was born in Florida, you can request your child's birth record from the Florida Department of Health. If your child was born in a different state, you can find out where to write for vital records at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    If your child's birth certificate was provided to his or her previous school, we can request it from the school with your signed authorization. You must provide your child's birth certificate for Kindergarten entrance.

  • Our children recently had physicals, but we do not have signed school entry health exams. Do they have to be re-examined?

    Certification of a school entry health examination does not have to be documented on DH Form 3040, but the examination must have been performed within one year of their enrollment date. We can accept a signed statement by an authorized professional that indicates the results of the components included in the health examination.

    If your child's health exam was provided to his or her previous school, we can request it from the school with your signed authorization.

  • My child's immunizations were administered in another state. Can I send what I have?

    If you recently moved to Florida from another state, you must have your child's vaccination history transferred to Florida's Form DH 680, Certification of Immunization. This form is completed by Florida county health departments and private healthcare providers. Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information about Florida's immunization requirements.

  • We don't have the required health records. Can we just state that we do not want our children to be examined or immunized?

    Florida law only allows a parent to object to health examinations and immunizations on religious grounds. We have sample religious exemption letters here.

  • If we're educating our children at home, why do you need health records?

    All private schools are required to have this information pursuant to Florida Statute 1003.22.

  • What documents do you accept for proof of residency?

    We accept copies of the following documents for proof of residency. We will need one document from Group A and one document from Group B. Your documents must be current, dated, and the name and address on both documents must match.

    Group A

    • Utility bill
    • Property tax statement
    • Mortgage statement
    • Home purchase contract*
    • Lease/rental agreement with name of lessee and contact information

    Group B

    • Florida driver license
    • Florida state issued ID card
    • Automobile insurance statement
    • Bank account statement
      To protect your identity, we recommend that you mail your documents.

    If your family resides with another person or family, you may complete a Residency Affidavit. We will need one document from Group B from the parent or guardian and one document from Group A from the homeowner or lessor. Residency Affidavits must be completed annually.

    If your family is living outside of Florida due to military service, we will also need a copy of military orders DD2058 or other military document showing that Florida is your home of record or legal residence.

    For extraordinary circumstances, please contact us for approved alternatives.

    *If you are providing a copy of your home purchase contract, you will need to provide a copy of the deed within 60 days of your closing date. Your contract must include the closing date.

  • Do you need my child's previous school's records?

    We do not need elementary or middle school records. We only need high school transcripts for students enrolling into our diploma program.

    Some schools want other schools to request their records as a way of verifying that their student has been enrolled somewhere else. If you would like us to request your child's records from his or her previous school (for this reason or any other reason), then please include a Records Request and Authorization form with your enrollment documents.
  • How secure are my children's school records and personal information?

    We take the security of your and your children's personal information seriously. Our students' permanent school records are stored in locked, fire-proof file cabinets, and documents containing obsolete personal information are shredded and destroyed. Digital records are kept offline on password protected drives. We do not use outside sources or third party services (e.g.; Google's services or cloud storage) to store personal information, and we do not share our students' records unless required by law without explicit parental/guardian or student consent.

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