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Read what families are saying about Aspiring Heights Academy.

We are so thankful that we found Aspiring Heights Academy! Jody has been wonderful to work with and we couldn't be happier with the services provided, as well as the partnership we have with Aspiring Heights. It's such a blessing to have an option for a private school "umbrella" for homeschooling our children and meeting all the requirements needed in our state. Thank you, Aspiring Heights!

Amanda (2023)

It has been a wonderful experience home schooling with AHA and getting all the help and guidance from Jody. We've been home schooling with AHA for around 10 years now ... two of our boys graduated high school from AHA and are in college now. We have our youngest at AHA. Jody is such a great help. We travel quite a bit and Jody is very patient and helpful ... makes things easy to handle. Congratulations to Jody and AHA for doing such a great job! All the best! Keep up the great work. God bless.

John (2023)

Aspiring Heights Academy has been an inspiration for our family. We are so fortunate to have found this school for our child. Prior to this school, our child dreaded going to school. Since we have made the switch to Aspiring Heights Academy, it has been a true joy and our child looks forward to learning and taking his classes. Jody has been such a great guidance and has made such impact in our child's education; She has enabled us to teach our child subjects that are of interest to our child and that will be useful to our child's future.

Undoubtedly, Aspiring Heights Academy has been a perfect choice for our child's education, and Jody has been a remarkable guidance to us during our journey to educate our child. Our family and our child are grateful to have found Aspiring Heights Academy and to have Jody as our guidance!

Imac (2023)

My experience with AHA has been great. I needed a school of record and guidance in the homeschool and FLVS system and Jody has been more than helpful in guiding me thru the info that I need.

Tonya V. (2023)

So glad we found AHA when researching options for our family. Always easy to get ahold of and Jody was patient explaining the documents and programs they offer. Provides the flexibility we need as a growing military family. Highly recommend!

Alex N. (2022)

AHA is the best choice I ever made for my elementary kids. As a home educator of two 5th graders they have been able to make major progress in subjects that they were struggling with in the public school system. The curriculum I choose helps instill a lifelong understanding of the basics, before moving forward. I highly recommend this for children with learning disabilities who learn at a different pace, as they have the opportunity they need to achieve their goals. They learn to grade their own papers, figure out their mistakes immediately, and get it right. The satisfaction of truly understanding the subject in its entirety is necessary in order to continue education. With knowledge under their belt, there will be no need to drop out as many do when they get to middle school. Jody is always there to answer any questions and help in any way needed. I am extremely thankful for AHA.

Sharon C. (2022)

We are going into our second year with Aspiring Heights Academy. We now have a 5th grader, 2nd grader, and Kindergartner starting the 2022-2023 school year and we love the flexibility that AHA provides. Jody is prompt in her responses and very informative should you have any questions. I highly recommend AHA!

Liz (2022)

We learned about Aspiring Heights Academy through friends who were also enrolled. Registering with AHA has made homeschooling so much more enjoyable. It allows my family the freedom that comes with educating our children at home while also being a part of something bigger. We are covered, connected and have access to answers and help when needed. Jody has been a wonderful source of information and support through this journey. Homeschooling can seem so complicated, but Aspiring Heights has made it simple. AHA has been such a great choice for my family.

E Flynn (2022)

I was in doubt with the decision having my child enrolled into a homeschool base setting. But we are so very thankful that we’ve learned about AHA. It was even better when Ms. Jody took care of our questions. It was the best choice we’ve made for our child. Ms. Jody was with us from the very beginning, supporting and strengthening the core values of Aspiring Heights and responding to our needs and questions. It is all for the right reasons why we chose Aspiring Heights Academy over and over again for our child since Kindergarten and now going on 5 years. It has been amazing with AHA. Thank you Ms. Jody and to your team! Godbless!

Lerilee C. (2022)

I'm so incredibly grateful for Aspiring Heights Academy!!! The philosophy in educating, encouraging, and commitment has enlightened our family. Jody has always and consistently been a pillar of help and understanding.

Jeanette (2022)

We’re going into our 5th school year with Aspiring Heights Academy and it continues to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. We love the flexibility and freedom it provides. Jody makes everything as seamless as can be. She’s responsive, professional and always happy to help whenever needed. Enrolling with AHA has truly made our educational journey easier and it’s been a perfect fit for me and my children.

A.P. (2022)

I wanted to say that Jody from Aspiring Heights is wonderful. I’ve been using Aspiring Heights since my daughters started Kindergarten. They are wonderful at record keeping and also if you need any School photo ID they will also provide it. In the past 6 years I’ve never encountered any issues. Unfortunately we will be moving out of state and won’t be able to use them.

Anay (2022)

It is so easy to submit our attendance annually. The responsibility of paperwork, deadlines, and other requirements needed are easier with Aspiring Heights Academy. With four kids, it can be a lot of paperwork and overwhelming, but it's not with AHA. I feel supported and at ease as things can get complicated for high school. Our decision to enroll with AHA was wise and rewarding. Highly recommend!

Davis Family (2022)
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