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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions you may have about our school, the enrollment process, your curriculum options, keeping attendance, and more.

    • What information do you need for enrollment at your school?

      We need the following documents:

      • An enrollment form
      • A photocopy of your child's birth certificate;
      • A school-entry health exam dated within one year before enrollment in school; and
      • A Florida immunization certificate if it is not on file with the Immunization Registry.

      We also need proof of residency and academic records if your child will be enrolling in courses at FLVS or participating in Florida's Dual Enrollment Program.

      Please see our required documentation page for more information. (For returning students look here.) Not all documents need to be provided on school entrance.

    • I do not have a copy of my child's birth certificate. Will you accept something else?

      If you do not have your child's birth certificate, we will accept one of the following:

      • A duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism showing the date of birth and place of baptism of your child, accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you;
      • An insurance policy on your child’s life that has been in force for at least 2 years;
      • A bona fide contemporary religious record of your child’s birth accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by you; or
      • A passport or certificate of arrival in the United States showing the age of your child.

      If you do not have any of the above, and your child was born in Florida, you can request your child's birth record from the Florida Department of Health. If your child was born in a different state, you can find out where to write for vital records at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      We can request a copy of your child's birth certificate from your child's former school with your signed authorization.

    • Our children recently had physicals, but we do not have their forms. Do they have to be re-examined?

      You should be able to obtain copies from your children's physician. We can also request copies from their former school with your signed authorization. If we do not receive copies from their former school within 15 days, then it will be your responsibility to present them to us. You must present certification of recent school-entry health examinations within 30 days of their enrollment to be in compliance with Florida law. We can accept Form DH 3040, School Entry Health Exam or a signed statement by an authorized professional that indicates the results of the components included in the health examination.

    • Our child's last physical examination was over a year ago, but we have an appointment scheduled. Will you accept our child for enrollment?

      Yes, but please note that you must present certification of a school-entry health exam within 30 days of enrollment to be in compliance with Florida law. We can accept Form DH 3040, School Entry Health Exam or a signed statement by an authorized professional that indicates the results of the components included in the health examination.

    • How do we document that our child was screened for scoliosis?

      If your child recently had a school entry health examination, the results would be included on your child's Certificate of School Entry Health Examination form (postural assessment). If your child is screened separately, then the results may be documented on some other health record. We will accept any health record provided the screening was performed for 6th grade entrance or while enrolled in 6th grade. The document must include your child's name and the date of examination. Scoliosis screenings are only required for students in 6th grade.

    • How do we document our child's immunizations?

      Florida Statute 1003.22 requires that each child has a certification of immunization on file with the immunization registry. If your child has been excluded from participation in the immunization registry, you must present your child's immunization certificate. Florida physicians and county health departments issue Form DH 680, Certification of Immunization. No other immunization records can be accepted.

      If your child is entering 7th grade, and your child has been excluded from the immunization registry, we will need an updated Form DH Form 680 indicating that immunizations are complete for 7th grade entry.

      If the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with your religious tenets or practices, you may request religious exemption (DH Form 681 or objection in writing). County health departments issue Form DH 681, Religious Exemption From Immunization.

      Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information.

    • My child's immunizations were administered in another state. Can I send what I have?

      If you recently moved to Florida from another state, you must have your child's vaccination history transferred to Florida's Form DH 680, Certification of Immunization. This form is completed by Florida county health departments and Florida healthcare providers. Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information about Florida's immunization requirements.

    • We don't have the required health records. Can we just state that we do not want our children to be examined or immunized?

      Florida law allows a parent to object to health examinations and immunizations on religious grounds. We have sample religious exemption letters here.

    • If we're educating our children at home, why do you need health records?

      All private schools are required to have this information pursuant to Florida Statute 1003.22.

    • What documents do you accept for proof of residency?
      Please see our Proof of Residency page for details.
    • Do you need my child's academic records?

      Maybe. We need records from your child's former school if your child will be enrolling in courses at FLVS or participating in Florida's Dual Enrollment Program. We need proof of Kindergarten completion if your child will be taking courses at FLVS and is entering first grade. We need your child's records if you want your child's grades transferred to our school under our academic program. We need high school transcripts if your child is enrolling in our diploma program. If any of the foregoing apply, please include an Enrollment Notification and Records Request form with your enrollment documents.

    • How do we submit our documents?

      Documents may be mailed, emailed, or attached to one of our submission forms.

    • How secure are my children's school records and personal information?

      Very! We take the security of your and your children's personal information seriously. Our students' permanent school records are archived in locked, fire-proof file cabinets, and documents containing obsolete personal information are shredded and destroyed. Digital records are kept offline on password protected drives. We do not use outside sources or third party services (e.g., Google's services or cloud storage) to store personal information, and we do not share our students' records unless required by law without explicit parental/guardian or student consent.

      You must notify us in writing if you wish to have your child's records sent to another person or entity. Note that we will provide you with access to your child's records after your child turns 18 years of age as long as your child is enrolled at our school. A student age 18 and older may formally request to restrict your access.
    • Do I have to notify anyone that I am enrolling my child in your school?

      If your child is not enrolled in any Florida home education program, public school, or private school, then you do not need to notify anyone of your educational choice to enroll your child in our school. There is no statute requiring parents to inform the district of their child who may attend a private school.

      Students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are private school students–not homeschool students as defined in s. 1002.41. You do not need to send a notice of intent to establish a home education program to your district school superintendent if you enroll your child in our school.

    • Who do I notify if my children are enrolled in a public school?

      If your children are currently enrolled in a public school, then you will need to formally withdraw them. Your district school will ask where your children are going so that they can assign the appropriate withdrawal code. Specify that your children are (or will be) enrolled in a private school, not a home education program. If you would like us to verify your children's enrollment at AHA with their former school, include a notification form with your enrollment documents.

      Some schools prefer that parents withdraw their children before enrolling them into another school, some schools prefer that parents withdraw their children after enrolling them into another school, and some schools don't have a preference. In any case, be sure to formally withdraw your child in a timely manner to avoid any potential truancy issues. (See Florida Statute 1003.26)

    • Who do I notify if my child is enrolled in a private school?

      If your child is currently enrolled in another private school, you will need to formally withdraw your child from the other school. Your school may have a particular policy regarding this, but you should only need to provide them with something in writing stating that you are withdrawing your child. If you would like us to notify your child's previous school of their enrollment at AHA, include a notification form with your enrollment documents.

    • Who do I notify if my child is registered as a homeschooler with our district school?

      If you sent your district school superintendent a notice of intent to establish a home education program, then you must send them a termination notice, along with your child's annual evaluation, within 30 days of your child's enrollment at Aspiring Heights Academy. Your district school may have a form you can download, or you can download a termination notice here. (The requirement to include your child's annual evaluation with your termination notice was added to s. 1002.41(1)(c) in 2018.)

    • What is FLVS?

      FLVS-Affiliation Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a state-funded, online K–12 public school that is free to all Florida students through age 19. There are two different Florida Virtual School programs offered to Florida students: FLVS Flex (formerly known as FLVS Part Time) and FLVS Full Time.

      1 FLVS Flex provides free teacher-led online courses to students in Elementary school, middle school, and high school. AHA students may enroll in up to six at a time. Statewide assessments are not required. Enrollment is open year-round.

      2  FLVS Full Time is online public school. Students enrolled in the FLVS Full Time program follow a traditional 180-day academic calendar, take a standard public school course load, participate in the Florida Statewide Assessment Program, and are eligible for public high school diplomas. There are specific enrollment periods. FLVS is the student's physical school, so students would not also be enrolled in an umbrella school or in a home education program.

    • Are there any specific eligibility requirements?

      Yes. Students must be legal Florida residents. There are also specific age requirements and limitations. Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten courses, and students must be 6 years old on or before September 1 to enroll in first grade courses. First grade students must also have successfully completed Kindergarten. Students can only enroll in courses through age 19, and all coursework must be completed prior to turning 21.

    • How do we sign up?

      You will sign up at Please see their step-by-step guide for registration instructions. For the school type, you will choose private school. For the county, you will choose Sarasota (since that is where our school is located). For the school, you will choose Aspiring Heights Academy.

      Students with existing FLVS accounts only need to change their physical school to Aspiring Heights Academy under their Academic Profile.

      Screenshot of Physical School section of Academic Profile

      Please see our FLVS page for more information.

    • Do we have to provide proof of residency to FLVS since we are providing it to you?
    • What if my child is taking FLVS courses through another school or homeschool?

      Most courses in progress will continue as usual. If your child is taking a course though a district franchise, your child may be able to continue the course if it is also offered at FLVS Flex.

      When changing your child's school of record (see How do we sign up? above), you may receive an email from FLVS stating that you need to review your current enrollments with the new Physical School Guidance counselor. We will contact you if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

    • How many courses may my child take?

      AHA students can to take up to six (6) courses at one time. Selecting both segments in a two segment course counts as one course.

    • When will my children be able to start their courses?

      Classrooms are usually assigned within 48 hours of courses being verified, but it can take longer if seats are not available. Once classrooms are assigned, students can start their courses. You will want to check classroom status regularly. If you notice an extended delay, please let us know.

      Note that students may request a preferred start date, but the preferred start date is the date FLVS will begin the placement process. According to FLVS, The placement process begins on the preferred start date, assuming all verifications have been received. Students will not be placed before the preferred start date. Once the student’s preferred start date has arrived, students can expect to be placed in their course within just a few days, although the process can, in rare instances take longer. We recommend checking your student dashboard once per day to monitor your placement status. Placement on your preferred start date is is not guaranteed.

    • What are the courses like?

      FLVS Flex Elementary and middle school students work with their teachers and with the guidance of their parents. Parents are expected to help their children navigate through the course, monitor their progress, and ensure they master course content. FLVS Flex high school students work independently. Sometimes students are required to download (free) software and/or visit external websites to complete assignments. Middle and high school courses include live lessons and classmate collaboration assignments. All assignments are submitted online, including assessments. Periodically, students connect with their teachers on the phone for discussion-based assessments.

    • Does FLVS provide school supplies?

      No. You need to ensure your child has a computer, an Internet connection, and any supplies needed for the course your child is taking (pencils, notebooks, rulers, software (free), library books, etc.). See the materials list provided with each course and FLVS System Requirements for more information. Your child will also need email access and access to a telephone to be able to communicate with teachers.

    • Are the courses taught by teachers?

      Yes. Every FLVS course is taught by state-certified instructors-experts in their subject areas. Teachers and students interact regularly through phone, email, text, and Zoom. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers when there is a need of any kind.

    • When are teachers available?

      Teachers are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM, and teachers return communication within 24 hours.

    • Are students expected to sign into class everyday?

      Not necessarily. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and on days and at times that work for them, but they are expected to submit work on a consistent and weekly basis (usually 3-5 assignments a week) unless a pace has been discussed with the FLVS instructor.

      Note that according to the FLVS Student Progression Plan, a Flex elementary student Any student who is inactive (failure to submit daily assignments) for more than 14 days, the teacher will notify the parent that the student will need to submit work, or he/she will be recommended for withdrawal from the program. If the student continues to be inactive, the Teacher on Assignment (TOA) will contact the parent and discuss a learning plan specific to the student’s needs. If the student continues to be inactive after the learning plan is discussed the Instructional Leader / Principal will request a withdrawal from FLVS Flex Elementary.

    • How long do courses take to complete?

      Most courses take between 16 and 36 weeks to complete. Courses are divided into segments (semesters), and each segment takes between 16-18 weeks to complete. Some middle school and high school level courses have two segments; some have only one. Students are not required to take both segments of a two segment course. Each high school segment is worth 1/2 credit.

      Students may work ahead of pace and finish the course in less time. Also, students may work at a slower pace and finish the course in more time. In either case, it's important that students submit work regularly. We encourage parents and students to reach out to their assigned teachers if they are struggling with the material or the pace.

    • What if my child doesn't like a course?

      FLVS gives students a 14-day grace period to decide if they want to remain in the course. If a course is too easy, too difficult, or doesn't meet a student's expectations, a student may drop the course without penalty during the first 14 days of being activated in the course. Note that the FLVS instructor will withdraw a student from a course if the student does not submit any work or commit to the course during the 14-day grace period.

    • Can my child retake a course?

      Your child may retake a course as follows:

      • An Elementary student can retake a course if they have not been promoted to the next grade level.
      • A middle school student can retake a middle school course if they earn a D or F.
      • A middle school student can retake a high school course if they earn a C,D, or F.
      • A high school student can retake a high school course if they receive a D or an F.
    • How does my child withdraw from a course?

      If a classroom has not been assigned yet, the course can be dropped from your child's dashboard. Once a classroom is assigned, you will need to call or email the assigned teacher to request withdrawal. Note that only the enrolling parent/guardian may withdraw their student from FLVS Flex Elementary.

    • Does my child have to take the End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments?

      No. Our students are not required to take EOC assessments. Students may take these tests, if desired. There are also certain circumstances in which students should take these tests.

    • My child's grade level was changed by FLVS. How to I correct this?

      This can happen when FLVS starts their new school year. You only need to go into your child's Student Profile and select the correct grade level. Note that FLVS calculates a student's projected graduation date based on their grade level.

    • Do high school students have to be enrolled in your diploma program?

      No. Our High School Diploma Program is optional.

    • When can I enroll my child in the diploma program?

      Students in grades 6 through 12 may be enrolled in or transferred into the diploma program at any time. However, your child must complete a minimum of one full semester with us and must be enrolled prior to age 20. If you're unsure of your child's high school plans, you're welcome to wait. We recommend you follow our graduation requirements in the meantime. Student must meet our eligibility requirements to be accepted into the program.

    • Do high school students have to take statewide assessments?

      No. Our students are not required to take Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) or Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) assessments, including End-of-Course (EOC) assessments. Students may want to take EOC assessments to earn credit for a course without having to take the course or if they may enter or return to public school.

    • Will you need my child's high school transcripts?

      We will only need transcripts if your child is enrolled in our diploma program.

    • Will my child receive a high school diploma?

      Students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program who meet our graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma.

    • Will my child be able to participate in college dual enrollment?

      Your child will be able to participate in Florida's dual enrollment program if the following conditions are met:

      • Your child is in grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12;
      • Your child is enrolled in our High School Diploma Program;
      • Your child is able to meet the eligibility requirements for initial enrollment in college credit dual enrollment courses; and
      • Your child will attend a college that we have a dual enrollment articulation agreement with.
    • Do you provide transcripts?

      We maintain and provide transcripts for students enrolled in our academic and diploma programs. Students taking courses at FLVS are able to access their FLVS transcripts through their FLVS accounts.

    • Can we use our own curriculum?

      We do not require any specific high school curriculum. If your high school student is enrolled in our diploma program, however, coursework must be documented in accordance with our diploma program policies.

    • Will my child be accepted into college?

      No school can guarantee college acceptance. Many postsecondary institutions require applicants who complete a home education program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and transcripts from their originating sources to be considered for admission. Additionally, the acceptance of diplomas and transcripts from private schools (whether accredited or not) is subject to the requirements of the receiving institution. If you will be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, we encourage you to reach out to colleges your student is considering attending to ensure they will be accepted for admission. See our High School Diploma Program page for more information.

      If you will not be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, keep in mind that students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are private school students, not home educated as defined in s. 1002.41. Some colleges require students applying as home educated to provide district verification that they completed a home education program. Some colleges accept students who complete high school under an umbrella school without earning a high school diploma as home educated; some require the student to present a GED. We encourage you to reach out to prospective colleges to find out what their admission requirements are.

    • Will my child be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship?

      Provided specific scholarship eligibility requirements are met, students graduating with an Aspiring Heights Academy diploma are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships.

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