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Academic Program

Aspiring Heights Academy offers an optional academic program to support student success and to help parents document their student's coursework. In addition to the support and services provided under our Standard Program, under our Academic Program, students whose curriculum includes the four core subject areas will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the school year. We will also permanently maintain transcripts for coursework documented through homeschool portfolios, accredited homeschool programs, and other schools. Students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade may be enrolled or transferred into our Academic Program at any time.

Certificate of Completion Grades K-8

Program Features

Academic Requirements

For students to receive a Certificate of Completion, their curriculum must include the following core subject areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

We encourage you to include computer science, physical education, and visual/performing arts in your student's course of study. Career and education planning is recommended for middle grades.

Documenting Coursework

We recommend you keep a portfolio containing a chronological log of activities, a detailed list of books and resources used, samples of your student's work, projects, test results, and earned certificates. For books, textbooks, and workbooks, keep copies of the title page and table of contents. For online curriculum, keep copies of the course's scope and sequence and printouts of your student's progress, grades, and time logs. For extracurricular activities, consider keeping programs, brochures, photos, and anything else that documents your student's learning experience. You do not need to provide this information to us.

Progress Reporting

If your student's coursework is below grade level and/or is documented through homeschool portfolios or accredited homeschool programs, then you will need to provide detailed curriculum information and a brief narrative summary of your student's performance in each course. Please download our Annual Progress Reporting packet for the required forms. Instructions are included. You will need to arrange to have your student's portfolio reviewed by a Florida certified teacher. Please submit the signed Progress Report and Progress Evaluation forms and any transcripts (except FLVS Flex) with your student's attendance record.

If all your student's coursework is documented on FLVS transcripts and is at or above your student's grade level, then you do not need to report your student's progress.

If your student will be transferring into our diploma program, high school credits not documented on school transcripts will need to be documented more thoroughly. Please see Documenting High School Coursework for more information.

Program Transfer

If you would like to transfer your student into our academic program, please see our Program Transfer page for our transfer form and fees and payment details. Please note that program transfers do not change or extend a student's grade level or current term.

Other Program Options

We also offer a standard program for parents who wish to keep their students' academic records and a diploma program for students seeking a high school diploma. For an overview of all programs offered, please see our program comparison page.

If your student will be earning credits through FLVS, you may obtain transcripts via their website.

The acceptance of transcripts from private schools is subject to the requirements of the receiving institution.

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