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Aspiring Heights Academy vs. Home Education Program

This is a short comparison chart to help you differentiate between enrolling your child at Aspiring Heights Academy and establishing a home education program with your district. In either case, you are educating your child at home, but if you enroll your child at Aspiring Heights Academy, you are homeschooling under the private school statute, and if you establish a home education program, you are homeschooling under the home education statute. Your choice will determine your recordkeeping requirements and your child's access to public school services. Visit the Florida Department of Education for more information about Florida private schools and home education.

Requirement or OptionEnroll your Child at Aspiring Heights AcademyEstablish a Home Education Program
1 Students enrolled in our Standard Program
2 Students enrolled in our Academic Program
3 Students enrolled in our Diploma Program
Notify the district school superintendent x* Required
Be bound by specific attendance requirements Yes x
Maintain a portfolio of records and materials Recommended Required
Provide for an annual educational evaluation x Required
Choose your own curriculum Yes Yes
Choose which subjects are taught Yes1,2 Yes
Receive instructional materials x Some districts loan/sell instructional materials
Take courses at Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Yes Yes
Participate in Standardized Testing Some districts allow; not required Allowed, not required
Participate in local district courses Some districts allow Some districts allow
Participate in interscholastic extracurricular activities x Required
Attend summer school Yes Some districts allow
Participate in college dual enrollment Yes3 Yes
Be eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships Yes3 Yes
Receive a Certificate of Completion Yes2 x
Earn a high school diploma Yes3 x
Receive official transcripts Yes2,3 x

*You do not have to notify the district of your child's enrollment at Aspiring Heights Academy, but you do need to send them a termination notice if you established a home education program. Please read though our Notification FAQ for more information.

If you have any questions about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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