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Diploma and Transcript Services

Apply for Graduation

Students enrolled in our diploma program who satisfy our graduation requirements will be awarded with a high school diploma. Diplomas are mailed only after all graduation requirements have been met and final attendance has been received. Students may apply for graduation as early as their final semester.

Apply for Graduation

Request Duplicate Diploma

A duplicate diploma is an exact duplicate of the original diploma. Diploma covers are not provided. Duplicate diplomas take 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery. You are responsible for all costs. Please contact us for the required form.

Request Transcripts

We permanently maintain transcripts for students enrolled in our academic and diploma programs. Transcripts are automatically sent to transfer schools when you authorize us to send them our records. Official high school transcripts must be requested separately. Official transcripts are signed, sealed, and sent directly from our school to another school, college or agency.

Official transcript requests are processed within five business days of receipt and are mailed via USPS First-Class Mail®. We will email or fax transcripts, if requested. Be sure to provide us with the correct information. We are not responsible for misdirected mail, email, or facsimile transmissions.

Request an Official High School Transcript

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