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School Forms

These forms are linked throughout our website as applicable, but they're compiled here for convenience. Except for customized attendance forms, all of our documents are saved in editable PDF format. If you do not already have PDF viewing software, you can download free viewers like Xpdf or Adobe Reader. Note that while our forms can be filled in electronically, some PDF editors do not save changes. If you are emailing a form to us, please check your attachment to make sure your content was saved.

Residency Affidavit

Residency Affidavit

This form is to be completed for students who are living with their parents or legal guardians, but are residing in the home of another person or family. Additional documentation will be required. This form is only needed for students taking FLVS courses.



Attendance Recording Form

Attendance Records Forms (PDF) (XLS)Our attendance recording forms are available in printable (PDF) and spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel (XLS) and OpenOffice or LibreOffice (ODS)) formats. We will attach a customized form in the format you request to your enrollment confirmation email. For more information about these formats, see click here. Please check your email for your form.

Enrollment Notification and Records Request

Records Request and Authorization

We use this form to notify a school of a student's enrollment at AHA and to request school records. Include this form with your enrollment documents if you would like us to notify your child's previous school of their enrollment at AHA and to request copies of their school records. You may mark out our email address if you do not want your child's records sent by email.


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