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Documenting Volunteer Service or Paid Work Hours

Students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program who are seeking a Bright Futures Scholarship are responsible for maintaining an accurate account of the volunteer service or paid work hours completed during high school. Students must also evaluate and reflect upon their volunteer service or paid work experience through papers or other presentations. The number of hours that must be completed vary by scholarship and are listed below.

Volunteer Service/Paid Work Hour Requirements

All initial Bright Futures Scholarship applicants must have a specified number of documented volunteer service or paid work hours. Hours must be completed during high school (grades 9, 10, 11, and/or 12) and must be documented in writing. The required number of completed hours depends on the award. No waivers of this requirement can be granted. Volunteer service hours and paid work hours cannot be combined. The number of hours needed to meet the initial eligibility requirements for 2022-2023 graduates are as follows:

Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS) 100 volunteer service hours or 100 paid work hours
Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS) 75 volunteer service hours or 100 paid work hours
Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award (GSV) 30 volunteer service hours or 100 paid work hours
Gold Seal CAPE Scholars Award (GSC) 30 volunteer service hours or 100 paid work hours
*These requirements are subject to change. Visit for more information.

Documenting Volunteer Service or Paid Work Hours

Please download our Volunteer Service/Paid Work Packet for the required forms. The Program of Volunteer Service/Paid Work Approval Form must be submitted to us for approval. The Volunteer Service/Paid Work Record is used to document service or work hours. Note: Service or work hours must be documented in writing, and the document must be signed by the student, the student's parent or guardian, and a representative of the organization for which the student performed the work or service. (Organizations may indicate the dates of work or service and number of completed hours on their letterhead, and students may attach it to the Volunteer Service/Paid Work Record in lieu of listing out the hours on the service log.) The Volunteer Service/Paid Work Evaluation and Reflection Form is to be completed on completion of the service/work program.

IMPORTANT: Volunteer service hours or paid work hours must be submitted by high school graduation.

Pre-Approved Activities

Volunteer service or paid work hours may include:

  • Participating in a business or government internship
  • Working for a nonprofit community service organization
  • Performing activities on behalf of a candidate for public office

Ineligible Activities

The following volunteer service or paid work activities are not eligible:

  • Service or work performed prior to entering grade 9
  • Service or work for family members verifying completed hours
  • Service provided as a result of court action
  • Activities in which the primary purpose is to proselytize
  • Unsupervised activities

Places to Volunteer

Here are a few of many organizations looking for volunteers.

These requirements are subject to change with each legislative session. It is your responsibility to be aware of the Bright Futures Scholarship program requirements. For more information and to find out what rules apply to a specific graduation year, please visit

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