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Middle Grades Promotion

We do not require the completion of any specific middle school coursework for students to be promoted to 9th grade. However, the successful completion of certain middle school courses is required for middle grades promotion in Florida public schools. Many parents have contacted us with questions about this, so we have included this overview. Please refer to Florida Statute 1003.4156 and the Florida Department of Education for more information. If your student is taking middle school courses at FLVS, you may find their Middle School Sample Course Progression Recommendation guide helpful.

General Requirements for Middle Grades Promotion
3 English Language Arts Middle grades or higher courses
3 Mathematics1 Middle grades or higher courses
3 Natural Science1 Middle grades or higher courses
3 Social Science Middle grades or higher courses; to include a one-semester civics education course2
1 Career and Education Planning Middle grades or higher course

1In order for a public school student to earn high school credit for Algebra I, Geometry, or Biology I, the student must take the corresponding EOC assessment (worth 30% of the student's final grade) and pass the course. If your middle school student will be taking any these high school level courses and may enter or return to public school for high school, you may want your student to participate in the corresponding EOC assessment.

2Public school students are required to participate in a Civics EOC assessment. If your student may enter or return to public school for middle school and is taking a civics course, you may want your student to participate in the Civics EOC assessment. A student who transfers to the public school system from our school after the beginning of the second term of 8th grade is not required to meet the civics education requirement if the student's transcript shows the successful completion of three social studies courses or two year-long social studies courses that include civics education.

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