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What Is an Umbrella School?

Umbrella schools, as they have been coined, are private schools. In Florida, umbrella schools are established to help parents comply with Florida's compulsory school attendance laws. Most umbrella schools serve as a school office and students complete their coursework at home under the supervision of their parents and/or guardians. Students enrolled in umbrella schools are by statutory definition private school students not homeschool students. Parents and guardians who enroll their children in umbrella schools provide their children's educational information to their umbrella school (usually in the form of attendance records); parents and guardians who establish a home education program with their district school provide their children's educational information to their district school (usually through annual evaluations).

Some Things to Note

  • Many umbrella schools are not brick and mortar, but some do have school buildings and offer classes.
  • In many cases, parents decide how, when and what their children are taught, but some umbrella schools require specific curricula and schedules.
  • Umbrella schools establish their own record keeping and evaluation policies.
  • Some umbrella schools require you share the same faith.
  • Some umbrella schools offer additional services, such as field trips, scholarships, and graduation ceremonies.
  • A student who completes high school while enrolled in an umbrella school does not graduate from a home education program. Scholarship eligibility and college admission may be affected if a high school diploma or GED is not earned.
  • Most umbrella schools are not accredited. Some colleges/universities do not accept diplomas or transcripts from non-accredited schools.

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