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Sample Form Letters

You can use these free sample form letters as a guide, or you can fill in the blanks with the information needed.

Home Education Termination Notice

Sample Termination NoticeIf you filed a notice of intent to establish a home education program with your zoned district school, you'll need to file a written notice of termination within 30 days of enrolling at Aspiring Heights Academy. Most school districts have forms you can download, but you can use this form if your district does not, or if you would prefer not to use their form. Please see Florida Statute 1002.41 for detailed information.


Religious Exemption from Immunization

Religious Exemption from ImmunizationFlorida Statutes 1002.20 and 1003.22 state that the provisions of immunizations shall not apply if parents object in writing that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with their religious tenets or practices. Florida county health departments issue form DH 681 Religious Exemption from Immunization. This written objection can also be used for religious exemption from immunization.


Exemption from Scoliosis Screening

Exemption from Scoliosis ScreeningFlorida Statute 1003.22 and Florida Administrative Code 64F-6.003 require sixth grade students to be screened for scoliosis. A student shall be exempt from this requirement upon written request of the parent or guardian. This form can be used for exemption from scoliosis screening.


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