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Student Re-Enrollment

Students are re-enrolled annually or when changing grade levels (whichever comes first). Re-enrollment is open year-round to Florida students through age 19. Students age 20 may continue their enrollment status to complete their coursework. Students must complete all coursework prior to their 21st birthday. Students enrolling into our diploma program must be able to meet our diploma program eligibility requirements.

Steps to Re-Enroll

1 Choose a program option.

2 Send us the required documentation and payment.

3 Watch your inbox for our enrollment confirmation email.

We will attach a new attendance recording form to your confirmation email.

Program Options

Program REQUIREMENTS AND FeaturesStandard ProgramAcademic Program (AP)High School Diploma Program (DP)

1Final course grades issued on FLVS official grade reports are recorded in the student's transcript.

2Students who have met the credit requirements for high school graduation but have not achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale may receive a high school Certificate of Completion.

Parent/Guardian Requirements
Keep Attendance Yes Yes Yes
Document Coursework (AP) (DP) No Yes Yes
Program Features
Grade Eligibility K–12 K–8 9–12
Record Keeping Services Yes Yes Yes
School Email and Office 365 Education Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Educator and Student Identification Cards Yes Yes Yes
FLVS Enrollment Option Yes Yes Yes
Dual Enrollment Opportunities (Grades 6–12) No Yes Yes
Transcript Services No1 Yes Yes
Certificate of Completion No Yes Yes2
High School Diploma No No Yes
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Eligibility No No Yes


  • Do high school students have to be enrolled in your diploma program?

    No. Our High School Diploma Program is optional.

  • Can my child be enrolled in the diploma program at any time?

    Yes, but students must complete a minimum of one full semester with us and must be enrolled prior to age 20. If you're unsure of your child's high school plans, you're welcome to wait. We recommend you follow our graduation requirements in the meantime. Student must meet our eligibility requirements to be accepted into the program.

  • Do high school students have to take statewide assessments?

    No. Our students are not required to take Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) or Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) assessments, including End-of-Course (EOC) assessments. Students may want to take EOC assessments to earn credit for a course without having to take the course or if they may enter or return to public school.

  • Will you need my child's high school transcripts?

    We will only need transcripts if your child is enrolled in our academic or diploma program.

  • Will my child receive a diploma?

    Students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program who meet our graduation requirements will receive a high school diploma.

  • Will my child be able to participate in a dual enrollment program?

    If your child is in grades 6–12, is enrolled in our Academic Program or High School Diploma Program, and meets the eligibility requirements for initial enrollment in college credit dual enrollment courses, they may be able to participate in Florida's dual enrollment program.

  • Do you provide transcripts?

    We maintain and provide transcripts for students enrolled in our academic and diploma programs. Students taking courses at FLVS are able to access their transcripts directly from FLVS.

  • Can we use our own curriculum?

    We do not require any specific high school curriculum. If your high school student is enrolled in our diploma program, however, coursework must be documented in accordance with our diploma program policies.

  • Will my child be accepted into college?

    No school can guarantee college acceptance. Many postsecondary institutions require applicants who complete a home education program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and transcripts from their originating sources to be considered for admission. Additionally, the acceptance of diplomas and transcripts from private schools (whether accredited or not) is subject to the requirements of the receiving institution. If you will be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, we encourage you to reach out to colleges your student is considering attending to ensure they will be accepted for admission. See our High School Diploma Program page for more information.

    If you will not be enrolling your high school student into our diploma program, keep in mind that students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are private school students, not home educated as defined in s. 1002.41. Some colleges require students applying as home educated to provide district verification that they completed a home education program. Some colleges accept students who complete high school under an umbrella school without earning a high school diploma as home educated; some require the student to present a GED. We encourage you to reach out to prospective colleges to find out what their admission requirements are.

  • Will my child be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship?

    Provided specific scholarship eligibility requirements are met, students graduating with an Aspiring Heights Academy diploma are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships.

Required Documentation

DocumentNotesStandard or Academic ProgramHigh School Diploma Program

If your child is returning to AHA after attending another school and you would like us to notify them our your child's enrollment or request their records, please include an Enrollment Notification and Records Request form.

Enrollment Form
You may use our online form or download our editable PDF form. Some PDF editors do not save changes, so if you use our PDF form, please be sure to check your content before sending it to us. Please provide an email address you check regularly as this will be our primary mode of communication. Y Y
Attendance Record
If are re-enrolling your child contemporaneously with attendance reporting, please include your child's attendance record. Y Y
Proof of Scoliosis Screening
Parents are responsible for assuring that their 6th grade students are screened for scoliosis pursuant to 1003.22 F.S. and F.A.C. 64F-6.003. Proof of screening can be documented on your child's sixth grade School Entry Health Exam form or other health record. You may have time to schedule this if needed. Your child shall be exempted from scoliosis screening upon written request for exemption. Y

Grade 6

Certification of Immunization
If your child is entering 7th grade, and your child has been excluded from the immunization registry pursuant to 381.003(1)(e)2 F.S., we will need an updated Form DH 680−Certification of Immunization indicating that immunizations are complete for 7th grade entry. This requirement does not apply if the DH 680 form we currently on file shows that immunizations are complete for 7th grade entry, if we have have on file Form DH 681−Religious Exemption from Immunization, or if we have been provided with a letter stating that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with your religious tenets or practices. Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information. Y

Grade 7

Proof of Residency
If your child will be taking courses with FLVS or participating in college dual enrollment, you must provide proof of residency. Y Y
Transcripts, Progress Reports, etc.
If are re-enrolling your child into our Academic Program, include your child's transcripts and/or progress reports. If you are enrolling/re-enrolling your child into our Diploma Program, include your child's transcripts and/or credit verification forms documenting high school credits. You do not need to provide FLVS Flex transcripts.


Academic Program


Sending Your Documents

Your documents may be mailed, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or submitted with our online form. Due to the sensitive information contained in the required documents, we recommend you mail them for your and your child's privacy and identity protection. (Be sure to keep a copy of everything you send for your records.) Please mail your documents if you are not able to scan them. Photos taken with a mobile device will not be accepted. If you use a scanning app, please correct any perspective and lighting issues and crop them before saving. Please use a flatbed or sheet-fed scanner if possible.

If mailing your documents, mail them to:
Aspiring Heights Academy
PO Box 1041
Englewood FL 34295

Re-enrollments are processed Monday through Friday within three business days of receipt of the required documentation and payment. Expedited services (same day and Saturday re-enrollments) are available for an additional fee.

Enrollment Fees and Payment Options

Enrollment fees are payable at the time of re-enrollment and are non-refundable. Diploma Program enrollment fees are determined by grade level or academic history, whichever is higher. Enrollment fees for current and returning students are as follows:

ProgramEligibilityAcademic HistoryFee
Standard Program Grades K–12 NA $35
Academic Program Grades K–8 NA $80
High School
Diploma Program
Diploma Program Re-Enrollment
(Students currently enrolled
in the Diploma Program)
Traditional Pace $110
High School
Diploma Program
Diploma Program Re-Enrollment
(Students currently enrolled
in the Diploma Program)
Accelerated Pace
(+6 Credits)
High School
Diploma Program
First-Year Diploma Program Entrance
(Typically Grade 9)
0-5 Credits $110
High School
Diploma Program
Second-Year Diploma Program Entrance
(Typically Grade 10)
6-11 Credits $185
High School
Diploma Program
Third-Year Diploma Program Entrance
(Typically Grade 11)
12-17 Credits $260
High School
Diploma Program
Fourth-Year Diploma Program Entrance
(Typically Grade 12)
18 or More Credits $335

We accept:

  • Cash (in person);
  • Checks and money orders payable to Aspiring Heights Academy; and
  • Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal balance payments. (We use PayPal to process these transactions. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service.)

Payment may be mailed or sent via PayPal using the Pay Now button below or as provided after online form submission. If you are enrolling more than one student under the same program and are paying by PayPal, please pay the enrollment fees in a single payment. You can change the quantity after you are directed to PayPal's payment page. Expedited service fees must be paid separately from enrollment fees if you are paying with PayPal.

Select Re-Enrollment Option to Pay with PayPal
with PayPal
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