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Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Programs

The Florida dual enrollment program allows high school students to take college-level courses and earn credit toward high school completion and a career certificate or an associate or baccalaureate degree. Early admission is a form of dual enrollment that allows high school students in their fourth year to enroll in college or career courses at colleges and universities on a full-time basis (a minimum of 12 college credit hours). Dual enrollment courses may be taught online, on the student's high school campus, or at the student's local college or university. Students in grades 6–12 are eligible for dual enrollment and are exempt from the payment of registration, tuition, and laboratory fees. If your child is or will be enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy, please see Florida Dual Enrollment Program for more information.


Public, private, and home educated students may enroll in courses creditable toward both high school completion and a career certificate or an associate or baccalaureate degree provided the following eligibility criteria are met:

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Hold a 3.0 unweighted GPA for associate and baccalaureate degree courses or a 2.0 unweighted GPA for career certificate courses;
  • Meet the minimum score on a common placement test (SAT, ACT, CPT, or PERT); and
  • Meet any additional initial student eligibility requirements as established by the Florida College System institution boards of trustees.

Home Education Student Eligibility Criteria

  • Provide proof of enrollment in a home education program;
  • Be responsible for transportation unless provided for in the articulation agreement; and
  • Sign a home education articulation agreement.

Private School Student Eligibility Criteria

  • Provide proof of enrollment in a private school;
  • Be responsible for transportation and instructional materials unless provided for in the articulation agreement;
  • Sign a private school articulation agreement.

What to Expect

Dual enrollment courses are college-level courses presented on an adult level, and the amount of work necessary to succeed in these courses is greater than in high school-level courses. It is important that students are dedicated to their studies and understand what is expected before enrolling. Students may lose the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment program if they are disruptive to the learning process. Students must be self-disciplined and motivated to study outside of class. Dual enrollment courses become a part of students' permanent high school and college transcripts and are calculated into their permanent GPAs. Students who receive a failing grade may have difficulty meeting future admission requirements at colleges and universities and difficulty qualifying for financial aid and scholarships.

How to Enroll

Check with your local college or university to find out what their enrollment policies, deadlines, and procedures are. There are specific deadlines for applying for dual enrollment, placement testing (if your child does not already have qualifying test scores), and approvals. In addition, if your child is enrolled in an private school and it does not already have an articulation agreement with your college or university, they will need sufficient time to process the necessary paperwork.

Something to Note

Students who obtain an associate degree while in high school may have admission priority or possibly guaranteed admission when transferring directly from a Florida public college to a Florida state university. However, the FAQs published by the Florida Department of Education state, Dual enrollment college credit will transfer to any public college or university offering the statewide course number...However, if students do not, upon high school graduation, attend the same college or university where they earned the dual enrollment credit, the application of transfer credit to general education, prerequisite, and degree programs may vary at the receiving institution.

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