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General Enrollment FAQs

  • Does enrolling in your school satisfy Florida's compulsory attendance requirement?

    Yes. Enrollment at Aspiring Heights Academy legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. Aspiring Heights Academy is a home-based, non-public school that has been registered with the Florida Department of Education since 2010. We provide an "umbrella" option to help parents educate their children at home.

  • Does it matter what state we live in to enroll in your school?

    Yes. Our school only serves Florida families. Students must be legal residents in the state of Florida. Military families living outside the state of Florida may enroll their children, but they must maintain their Florida residency.

  • Does it matter what county we live in to enroll in your school?

    No. Our school serves students statewide.

  • Is your school accredited?

    No. There is no state law requiring private schools to be accredited.

  • When can I enroll my children in your school?

    Enrollment is open year-round.

  • How much does it cost?

    For students in grades K–8, our enrollment fee is $45 for new students and $35 for returning students. For students in grades 9–12, our enrollment fee is determined by grade level and program type and ranges between $45 and $345 for new students and between $35 and $335 for returning students. More information is found on our New Students and Current and Returning Students pages.

  • How long does the enrollment process take?

    Enrollments are processed Monday through Friday within three business days of receipt of the required documentation and payment. We offer expedited services (same day and Saturday enrollments) for an additional fee.

  • Is my child's enrollment information sent to our school district or to the state?

    We will notify your child's previous school of his or her enrollment at AHA only if you include a notification form with your enrollment documents. You are responsible for formally withdrawing your child from his or her previous school or terminating your home education program. See our FAQs about notifying school officials for more information.

    Florida law requires private schools to keep a register of enrollment and attendance open for inspection by the district school superintendent of the district in which the school is located. Statistical data, such as how many students are in each grade level, is provided to the Florida Department of Education. You can view Private School Annual Reports at
  • May I register for the upcoming school year early?

    Yes. If you would like to start your school year on a specific date, just include your preferred start date on your enrollment form. This must be a future date. We cannot backdate enrollments.

  • When will my child's school term begin?

    Your child's term begins on the day your child is enrolled unless a future start date is requested on your enrollment form.

  • Can we change our school term?

    As long as your child has maintained regular attendance during his or her current school term, you are welcome to re-enroll your child to establish a new school term. Just send us your attendance record and a Returning Student Enrollment Form specifying the future date you would like to begin the new school term.

  • What do I need to do when my child is ready to change grade levels?

    When your child is ready to change grade levels, just send us your attendance record and re-enroll. Students must be re-enrolled with each grade change. To be eligible for re-enrollment, your child must have maintained regular attendance during his or her current term.

  • Do I have to maintain a school portfolio?

    No. Parents are not required to keep a portfolio. We do recommend you keep a portfolio, though. Note that Florida public schools require that students successfully complete Kindergarten before entering first grade, and some colleges and universities require applicants who complete a home school program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios to be considered for admission.

  • How is my child evaluated?

    We do not provide evaluations or require that parents have their children evaluated. Some parents want to have their children evaluated, though, so we've compiled a list of assessment resources here as a starting point. You'll may also find our directory of Florida evaluators at helpful.

  • What kinds of records do I have to keep?

    The only record keeping we require is attendance. You must keep records that document your child's absence or attendance for each school day and show regular school attendance of at least 180 days for each school year. See our FAQs about attendance requirements for more information.

  • How do we document our children's grades?

    If your children are taking courses through FLVS, their grades will be documented on FLVS transcripts. If you are using your own curriculum, you may document their grades on Grade Reports. (Students enrolled in our Diploma Program must document core coursework and extracurricular activities more thoroughly.)

  • Will my child have to participate in standardized testing?

    No. Students are not required to take Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) Assessments or Florida Standard Assessments (FSA), including End-of-Course (EOC) assessments. Students may participate in EOC assessments, if desired, and there are certain circumstances in which students should participate. Learn More

  • Do you provide curriculum?

    We provide online curriculum to our students through an agreement with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). However, enrolling in FLVS courses is optional. We encourage you to use what works best for your child.

  • Will my child be able to participate in public school sports?

    No. Students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are not eligible to participate in interscholastic activities.

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