Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions

Students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program may be eligible for dual enrollment provided they meet certain eligibility criteria and provided their local college or university will enter into an articulation agreement with our school.

Florida Statute 1007.271 states that an eligible secondary private school student must pass a college placement test (SAT, ACT, or CPT) and must have and maintain a 3.0 unweighted high school grade point average (GPA). Before we can agree to a student's participation in the dual enrollment program, we must be able to certify his or her high school GPA.

Public postsecondary institutions are only required to enter into articulation agreements with private schools in their geographic service area, and postsecondary institutions may charge private schools for their students' dual enrollment tuition. If your child is interested in dual enrollment, please contact us to find out if your local community college or university already has or will enter into a no-cost articulation agreement with Aspiring Heights Academy. Make note of any enrollment deadlines, procedures, and requirements. There are specific deadlines for applying for dual enrollment, placement testing (if your child does not already have qualifying test scores), and approvals. Also, if we do not have an articulation agreement with your local college or university, we will need sufficient time to process the necessary paperwork.

For more information on dual enrollment and early college admission, please read Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Dual enrollment courses become a part of your child's permanent high school and college transcripts and are calculated into his or her permanent GPA.  Students who receive a failing grade may have difficulty meeting future admission requirements at colleges and universities and difficulty qualifying for financial aid and scholarships.

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