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Florida Virtual School (FLVS)


Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a state-funded, online K–12 public school that is free to all Florida students through age 19. Students enrolled at Aspiring Heights Academy are eligible to take elementary level courses under the FLVS Flex Elementary program (grades K–5) and middle and high school level courses under the FLVS Flex program (grades 6–12). Elementary students may take middle school level courses, and middle school students may take high school level courses if the courses are verified as appropriate. We are required to verify that courses are appropriate for a student based on his or her academic history, age, and grade level and that any applicable prerequisites have been completed. FLVS may verify the academic readiness of elementary students wanting to take middle school level courses.

Signing Up

Before you (or your child) can begin selecting courses, you will need to give FLVS your location. When you are asked to choose a county, you will select Sarasota County since that is where our school is located. Students will sign up as Private School students, not Home School students. Students with existing FLVS accounts only need to change their physical school to Aspiring Heights Academy under their Academic Profile. 

FLVS Flex Elementary
FLVS Flex Elementary
FLVS Academic Profile
FLVS Academic Profile

Students may enroll in up to six courses at a time. Selecting both segments in a two segment course counts as one course. When you are asked whether the course is on your course schedule with your physical school, select No, this is not on my class schedule.

After you have finished selecting courses, you will finish creating your student account. This is where FLVS Flex students will select our school from a drop down list. Parent accounts are automatically created for FLVS Flex Elementary students. Parents have the option of setting up an account for FLVS Flex students.

After we have verified the requested courses, classrooms with be assigned. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

  • What is FLVS?

    FLVS-Affiliation Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a state-funded, online K–12 public school that is free to all Florida students through age 19. There are three different Florida Virtual School programs: FLVS Flex Elementary, FLVS Flex (formerly known as FLVS Part Time) and FLVS Full Time.

    1 The FLVS Flex Elementary program is designed for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

    2 The FLVS Flex program offers courses to students in grades six through twelve.

    3 FLVS Full Time is online public school. Students enrolled in the FLVS Full Time program follow a traditional 180-day academic calendar, take a standard public school course load, participate in the Florida Statewide Assessment Program, and are eligible for public high school diplomas. There are specific enrollment periods. FLVS is the school of record, so students would not also be enrolled in an umbrella school or in a home education program.

  • What happens to the courses my child is currently taking if we change our physical school?

    Courses in progress will continue as usual. This applies to courses taken through FLVS Flex, FLVS Flex Elementary, and FLVS Full-Time. When changing physical schools, you may receive an email from FLVS stating that you need to review your current enrollments with the new Physical School Guidance counselor. This is because students in a Traditional School can only have a maximum of three (3) enrollments at a time.

  • How many courses may my child take?

    Based on FLVS course registration guidelines for private school students, FLVS Flex students may to take up to six (6) courses at one time. Selecting both segments in a two segment course counts as one course. Students may request an additional course when at least 50% of an active course has been completed.

  • When will my children be able to start their courses?

    It can sometimes take a week or so for classrooms to become available. Once classrooms are assigned, students can begin their courses. If you notice an extended delay, please let us know and we will try to expedite placement. Students may request a future start date.

  • What are the courses like?

    FLVS Flex students work independently. Sometimes students are required to download specific software and/or visit external websites to complete assignments. Assignments are submitted online, including assessments, so students are on the computer a lot. Periodically, students connect with their teachers on the phone for discussion-based assessments. Many courses also require students to attend live lessons. Teachers are (ideally) available from 8AM to 8PM, seven days a week, via phone, text, email and instant messaging, but sometimes they can be hard to reach. Substitute teachers are assigned periodically and during the holidays.

    FLVS Flex Elementary students work with their teachers and with the guidance of their parents.

  • Are students expected to sign into class everyday?

    Students are allowed to work at their own pace and on days and at times that work for them, but they are expected to submit work regularly (usually 3-5 assignments a week). Additionally, parents are required to connect with their children's teachers (via phone or email) at least once per month.

  • How long do courses take to complete?

    Depending on the course, courses can take between 16 and 36 weeks to complete. Courses are divided into segments (semesters), and each segment takes between 16-18 weeks to complete. Some middle school and high school level courses have two segments; some have only one. Students are not required to take both segments of a two segment course. Each high school segment is worth 1/2 credit.

    Students may work ahead of pace and finish the course in less time. Also, students may work at a slower pace and finish the course in more time. In either case, it's important that students submit work regularly. We encourage parents and students to reach out to their assigned teachers if they are struggling with the material or the pace.

  • What if my child doesn't like a course?

    FLVS gives students a 14 day grace period to try out a course. If a course is too easy, too difficult, or doesn't meet a student's expectations, a student may drop the course without penalty during the first 14 days of being activated in the course. Note that a student may also be withdrawn from a course if the student fails to meet the initial submission requirements during the 14 day grace period.

  • Does my child have to take the End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments?

    No. Our students are not required to take EOC assessments. Students may take these tests, if desired. There are also certain circumstances in which students should take these tests. Learn More

  • I noticed my child's grade level was changed by FLVS. How to I correct this?

    This can happen with FLVS starts their new school year. You only need to go into your child's Student Profile and select the correct grade level. Note that FLVS automatically calculates a student's projected graduation date based on his or her grade level.

Helpful Links

Here are a few links you may find helpful.

A Note About End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments

Private school students are not required to take the EOC assessments that are aligned with some of FLVS courses, however they may take them, if desired. Please read End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments for more information.

Public school students are required to pass EOC assessments in order to earn course credit and meet public high school graduation requirements. If your child may at some point enter or return to a public school, we recommend your child takes these tests.

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