Record Keeping and Attendance Reporting Requirements

Parents/guardians must keep complete and accurate attendance records in order to remain in compliance with Florida's compulsory attendance law. Attendance records are due annually or upon grade level completion, which ever comes first. You are welcome, of course, to send us your attendance records monthly, quarterly, or biannually. We email reminders before attendance records are due and will mail a one-time courtesy postcard reminder if requested. See Attendance Reporting Options for more information.

You begin recording your child's attendance (or absence) for each school day the day your child is enrolled. We will attach a customized attendance recording form to your enrollment confirmation email. Attendance recording is quick and easy. You do not have to report the specific times when your child is receiving instruction or what is being learned; you only need to record the total instructional hours for each school day. Please read our Attendance Reporting FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.

To be deemed in compliance with the compulsory attendance requirements of Section 1003.21(1)(a), Florida Statutes, your child must maintain regular attendance during the entire school term as follows:

Grade Level(s)Instructional HoursActual School DaysNet Instructional Hours
Kindergarten 3 hours per school day 180 days 540 hours
Grades 1–3 4 hours per school day 180 days 720 hours
Grades 4–12 5 hours per school day 180 days 900 hours
Rule 6A-1.09512, Equivalent Minimum School Terms for Compulsory Attendance Purposes

Although not required, we encourage you to keep some kind of journal or portfolio. It could be as simple as an occasional diary entry or more complex with samples of your child's work, book logs, and field trip notes. If you don't keep any kind of records (other than attendance), you may find that you wish you had–or that your children wish you had.  It can be fun looking back on adventures, and children get a sense of pride when they look back at some of the work they have done and see how much they have improved.

As a supervisor of your child's education, you decide what activities count toward your school day. Instruction does not have to take place in the home.

We recommend you keep a portfolio throughout your child's high school years. Many colleges and universities require applicants who completed a home school program or graduated from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and/or transcripts to be considered for admission.

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